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D4U Immigration has a unique presence in the segment. With a multidisciplinary team trained to meet the different needs of immigrants, our consultancy has the courage to create strategies that make sense for the client and for immigration, with a commitment to each client's story.
Our successful trajectory over eight years and a high approval rate prove how responsible D4U is for each immigration claim.

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I recommend with eyes closed! D4U is a company that impresses with its organization, care with each step of the process and with the customer. They work like a perfect cog. We were so pleased with our experience that even if we hadn't been approved we would recommend it. But, the approval came and very quickly. It's true, D4U makes dreams come true and will forever be part of our history. Gratitude!

Paty Yuri

A very competent team, with attention to the smallest details at all stages of the process. They tell you all the details of what is needed at each stage and what are the best alternatives. The construction of the case is done in a rigorous and professional way, giving the customer a lot of confidence! I just have to thank the entire D4U team for the excellent work!

Odilon Filho

When we decided to carry out the immigration process, we did a lot of research on which company we would work with for this project. And during the search for a serious and committed company we found D4U. From the first contact, the company gave us complete confidence, polite and very well trained employees ready to help conquer our dream. We chose to follow the immigration process with them and we were not disappointed during the process, everything was very organized, sectored and competent professionals. I definitely recommend the company!! Thank you so much to all of you who are part of D4U.

Adams Matos

#aD4Um called
It still didn't sink in, the D4U called me, the D4U horn sounded for me!!! I have a smile on my face everywhere, I can't contain it with so much happiness. God directed me to the best immigration office in the US and today with my green card approval, I say with a huge shout out for all to hear D4U IS THE BEST!!!
Congratulations to Wagner, Daniela Moreira (who I had the pleasure of meeting in person), Dr Carla Lanes (who is sensational) and the entire D4U team who, whenever I had doubts and fear, gave me courage and always believed in my process. I could not fail to thank my Case Manager, Caroline Almeida, who from the beginning accompanied me in this process and made her suffer with so many questions and concerns, sometimes issues that weren't even her business, but at no time did she say that it wasn't with her, but yes, I would go after the information and it makes me super calm. And as I am the king of # here goes one more

Luiz Macedo

An experience to be marked in our lives!! Super fast service, the whole team is ready to answer your questions as quickly as possible, within hours. The application to follow the process is super easy and very nice to follow each step of the process, clear and very efficient. We were blessed with the approval of our EB2-NIW visa in just 63 days and I highly recommend this company. Transparency, agility and competence are the words that would stand out most from this team of professionals!
Thank you D4U!!!
I highly recommend!!

Maíra de Melo Rodovalho

I am very grateful for the work of each professional at D4U, they did an impeccable job, providing assistance from beginning to end! Each one of them really takes the dream of each client seriously! I am in awe of how much each process is treated as if it were their own! Thank you for everything! I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for the American dream!

Ana Claudia Strombeck

Extremely professional.
The steps to apply for the visa are accompanied by professionals from different areas until the resolution. Monitoring through the application also helps to know the current situation and what will come ahead. This close monitoring gives a lot of security in applying for the visa. I really enjoyed the service and would recommend it.

Nathan Almeida

D4U is a company like no other! From my first contact to the approval of my process, everyone was extremely polite, available and enlightening! Do you know what they post on their social networks? It's all true! Amazing team, incomparable quality! Best choice of my life!

Roberta Garcez

I don't have words to thank D4U, I don't work for them, never have, nor do I have any personal relationship. I don't know anyone there personally, but for me it's like they are my family. I got to know the company through Youtube, I was impressed with Wagner, who is a born frontman, he has a Miami way too much, but he's fantastic. Dr Eduarda, who assisted us in the commercial, is a super nice, caring and understanding person, you really feel that your case is no longer one on the shelf. Dr Carla and her team are a chapter apart, it is an IMPECCABLE company in terms of organization and professionalism. All very correct, and most importantly, transparent. I started my process with them and everything was wonderful from start to finish, my EB2 was approved, with RFE and they were always very clear in telling the whole truth. I tried two famous offices before D4U, they didn't even answer me, I left a message and I'm still waiting for a response. Thank you D4U, you were angels to my family...

Fabiano Dias and Ana Paula Carnetti

I have no words to express how grateful I am to D4U and its entire team. ALL the people who assisted me were incredible and super dedicated to the success of my process. However, a special thanks to AMANDA HASSEN who from the first minute was super committed to helping me, answered all my questions and without a doubt exceeded my expectations in 200%. I received my approval a few weeks ago and no doubt part of my success was with her help and dedication. I will continue recommending her work to all my friends and obviously the company D4U for the quality and professionalism in dealing with the dreams of thousands of people. Heartfelt thanks to Amanda. Thank you to the entire D4U Immigration team.

Diego Moreira

D4u is the best immigration company on the market today. When I chose the company I was sure that they would give me all the support I needed. What I didn't know and I was very surprised was with the personalized way and affection they treat each customer. I felt safe and super welcomed by the whole team. Even though I wasn't sure if I could apply, they analyzed my case and made me super safe. Each step is done by a professional specialized in that area and very well communicated to the rest of the team that is taking care of your case. Amanda Hansen was the professional who most helped and assisted me, especially in the post-protocol period. She gave me all the support I needed, answered (patiently) all my questions and knew how to reassure me in difficult and anxious moments. Now, I just have to thank her and everyone at D4u for everything they've done for me (and for so many other customers). I trusted them with my eyes closed and with the peace of mind that I made the right choice. No wonder they have the highest number of approvals on the market. I will be forever grateful to Amanda and the entire team for everything they have done for me.

Daniela Pereira

I recommend it to everybody. It's completely outdoor and completely different from everything I did.

Scottie Fortner

My process started in July 2021. On December 6, 2021, all required documents were properly translated and my process submitted for approval by ISCIS. Today, after 106 days, my process has been approved. Without any request for additional information, all this due to the quality of the process and the professionals involved! D4U rocks!

Luis Davi Freitas



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