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THE Okkla Realty, part of the D4U Immigration group, is the your gateway to the US real estate market. With a team of highly qualified professionals familiar with the needs of Brazilians, we offer personalized advice for purchasing, renting or investing in American properties.

We understand that the US real estate market can be complex for those who are not used to it. Therefore, we offer a completely free first consultation. In this session, you will have the opportunity to better understand the American real estate market and identify the best opportunities to achieve your goals.

It is important to look for properties in the USA with the help of an advisor

For Brazilians looking for real estate in the USA, whether for housing or investment, it is crucial to have professionals who understand both Brazilian culture and the rules of the American real estate market. Okkla Realty, part of the D4U Immigration group, offers exactly this unique combination of skills and experience.

Based in Florida, it was founded with the specific goal of helping D4U customers who are moving to the US. However, Okkla Realty also offers its real estate services to all interested parties, regardless of whether they are in the USA or Brazil. The Okkla Realty team has a deep understanding of the American real estate market and is able to guide its clients through the process of buying, selling or renting properties.

Okkla Realty's difference lies in its personalized approach. Each client has the opportunity to have a free 30-minute consultation with the company's professionals. This consultation aims to help the client better understand the American real estate market and identify possible opportunities.

Okkla Realty also stands out for having Juliana Moraes as a broker. In the USA, the figure of the "broker" is essential in the real estate market, as he is a professional with more than two years of experience, licensed in real estate and who has passed a new test to become a broker. The broker is responsible for all bureaucratic and legal aspects of real estate transactions.

Therefore, for those looking for real estate in the USA, counting on specialized advice like Okkla Realty can make all the difference. The company not only understands the needs and preferences of Brazilians, but also the rules of the game in the American real estate market, which makes the process of searching for properties in the USA much smoother and safer for you.

Tips for those looking for real estate in the USA

Searching for property in the USA can be a complex task, especially for those who are used to the Brazilian real estate market. It is essential to understand that the property sales and rental system in the USA is quite different from Brazil.. In the USA, all real estate agencies have access to a unified system which lists all available properties. This means that any broker or real estate agent will have access to the same information.

Another important difference is in the formalization of rental and sales contracts. The legal rules and necessary documents are different, which is why it is crucial to enlist the help of an experienced professional to navigate these uncharted waters. Furthermore, each case may require a specific set of documents and procedures, making the help of a licensed and experienced real estate agent even more vital.

Also It is essential to be loyal to the broker of your choice, as in the USA it is common to work with a single broker throughout the process of searching for a property. This is because all brokers will have access to the same information. Therefore, Instead of searching for multiple brokers, the focus should be on finding a broker you feel comfortable with and who has the experience to understand and meet your needs.

Finally, remember that professionalism and experience are crucial in this process. The OKKLA REALTY team, with more than 10 years of experience in the real estate advisory market in the USA, is ready to offer you excellent service. They understand both Brazilian culture and the American real estate market, which considerably increases the chances that you will find the perfect property option in the United States to live or invest in.

How the real estate advisory service works in the USA with us

The Okkla Realty team's commitment to you begins long before finding the ideal property. One of the first stages of the company's advisory work involves a monitoring to ensure that you have the necessary financial capacity to purchase the property in the United States and avoid unpleasant surprises in the middle of the process. 

Okkla Realty's team of brokers also remains in constant connection with financial institutions, ensuring a efficient and transparent communication throughout the real estate consultancy. The entire team works tirelessly to ensure that all requirements are met and you can purchase your dream property without any hassle.

How is the property search market in the United States?

The real estate market in Florida, as well as in some other regions of the United States, remains very hot. It is still a market dominated by sellers, due to the scarcity of homes available for the number of people interested in buying. However, the frenetic situation of auctions and sales in less than 24 hours has stabilized, which is beneficial for both parties and helps to balance prices in the market.

Following the Covid-19 situation, many people and large companies decided to move to Florida, attracted by its more flexible rules and quality of life. This increased demand for property in the region, but also led to a stabilization of the market. There is still a dearth of options, especially in the most desirable areas, and rent prices are high. However, There are opportunities for everyone, and adequate preparation can help you find the ideal property in the region of interest.

Experts predict that the market will continue to be heated in the coming years, but without the price spike seen in recent months. The construction of new properties does not yet meet current demand, but the pace of price increases should slow down, leading to a more stable market. There is no expectation of a real estate bubble, but rather a gradual adjustment after the changes brought about by the pandemic.

Why search for real estate in the USA with D4U Immigration

D4U Immigration stands out in the market as a specialized consultancy in immigration processes for the United States and Europe, being recognized for its high approval rate and for being considered the best immigration company in Latin America. Extending this know-how to searching for real estate in the US through Okkla Realty is a natural step, offering a meticulous, personalized and strategic service to maximize your chances of finding the ideal property to live in or invest in.

We work with you to develop a property search strategy that is satisfactory to you and effective in the American real estate market. With D4U Immigration and Okkla Realty, you have the security of counting on an experienced and dedicated team in your property search process in the USA.

I want to search for properties in the USA with D4U Immigration, what now?

To start your search for a property in the United States, contact us through one of our service channels. We are present in the main social media, where you can send us a direct message. If you prefer more direct contact, you can contact us call on WhatsApp or call one of our phone numbers available at the end of this page.

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