D4U Immigration knows the importance of a well-designed immigration CV full of professional career details for the client applying for a claim. Producing this document with a specialized professional can make all the difference. Therefore, we are ready to help you.

How important is the immigration curriculum?

Although it is not a formal requirement for the immigration process, the immigration curriculum plays a crucial role in presenting a solid immigration application. This strategic document serves as a detailed map of the applicant's professional trajectory, organizing and highlighting relevant aspects that can strengthen the claim.

In the reality of the immigration process, the immigration curriculum has the power to make the immigration officer's analysis clearer and more objective. It outlines a logical and coherent line of reasoning, making it easier to understand the candidate's professional profile, merits and achievements. This can, in turn, increase the chances of approval of the process.

Therefore, a well-designed immigration resume is not just a summary of your professional career. It is a valuable tool that can be decisive for the success of your immigration claim, contributing to a positive and efficient assessment by immigration authorities.

Understand the difference between the immigration CV and the professional CV:

Although both are documents that detail an individual's career, the immigration curriculum and the professional curriculum have different purposes and structures.

The traditional professional resume, generally more concise, is designed to capture employers' attention and highlight skills and accomplishments relevant to a specific job opening. It may include personal information such as photo, marital status and age.

On the other hand, the immigration CV is a key piece in the immigration process, being legally analyzed to validate the candidate's eligibility. This document is not just a list of skills and experience; it works as a detailed narrative that demonstrates the professional’s excellence in their area.

The structure of an immigration CV is more complex, similar to a professional biography, following a logical line of reasoning and delving deeper into the individual's professional trajectory. It organizes and aligns professional information in a cohesive way, avoiding gaps that could leave doubts about the professional's competence and extraordinaryness.

Therefore, the main distinction between these two documents lies in their purpose: while the professional CV aims to obtain a position in the job market, The immigration CV's main objective is to demonstrate the professional's notability and unique contribution, reinforcing their immigration claim.

How does the immigration CV preparation service work with D4U IMMIGRATION?

The process of creating your immigration CV with D4U Immigration starts with the first contact between the customer and our team. At this stage, we analyze your traditional CV to determine your possible eligibility for professional immigration.

After confirming this possibility, we schedule the first meeting. At this meeting, we ask the client to share in detail all the information about their professional career. We also ask for documentation that proves the information provided, including your professional CV.

To facilitate the collection of this data, D4U Immigration offers a model called "Information Base". This feature helps the customer gather all the necessary details so that our team can prepare a text focused on presenting to the immigration officer everything he needs to know to approve the application.

During the preparation of the immigration CV, our team also carries out a comprehensive research into the client's professional profile on social media, such as LinkedIn, portfolios and Lattes (Brazilian platform for researchers). Although not mandatory, this step allows us to highlight all of the client's qualifications and experiences in a complete and detailed way, further strengthening your candidacy.

Find out what information is needed on your resume for a US visa:

The immigration curriculum, intended for the process of obtaining an American visa, must be complete and objective, highlighting in the first lines the crucial data for the immigration officer's evaluation. That includes length of professional experience, associations, notable results, training and licenses.

The resume must begin with the professional's personal data: full name without abbreviations, home address, email and contact telephone number. This is followed by an introductory section of 3 to 5 paragraphs highlighting the professional achievements in general.

The next section addresses the candidate's professional experience, detailing skills and competencies acquired throughout the career, without specifically mentioning positions, companies or work environments.

Soon afterwards, in professional history, it is important to list work locations, career progression, duration of each role, position held and daily responsibilities.

Additionally, the immigration curriculum must include activities that demonstrate the search for knowledge and improvement beyond academic training, such as courses, lectures, workshops and certificates. Patents, participation in congresses and seminars, voluntary activities and media appearances (interviews, magazines, awards) can also be considered.

Finally, it is essential to highlight any overtime work or impact activities performed in addition to routine responsibilities, as these can demonstrate a significant result in the individual's area of activity and strengthen their candidacy.

Why make your immigration CV with D4U IMMIGRATION ?

D4U Immigration is a consultancy specialized in immigration processes for the United States and Europe, with recognition for its high approval rate and for being considered the best immigration company in Latin America

We offer a differentiated service in preparing the immigration CV, taking into account all the details and strategies necessary to increase your chances of success in the immigration process.

Our working method involves close collaboration with the professional. We start by collecting all relevant information, ranging from professional experience to extraordinary achievements, including training, licenses and associations. This information is carefully analyzed and organized to present a complete and convincing profile to the immigration officer.

Our process is not limited to delivering a draft. We work together with the client to develop a high-quality immigration curriculum, which is both satisfactory to the professional and persuasive to the immigration officer. Furthermore, our method is flexible, allowing adjustments and updates according to the evidence presented by the client.

Choosing D4U Immigration to prepare your immigration CV means opting for a personalized, meticulous and strategic service, designed to maximize your chances of approval in the immigration process. So, be sure to contact us!

I want to make my CV for an immigration application with D4U IMMIGRATION, what now?

Deciding to start an immigration process is a big step for any professional, and We at D4U Immigration are here to assist you at every stage of this journey. With a specialized team that is always up to date with changes in immigration laws, we are dedicated to offering a superior quality service.

To get started, contact us through one of our service channels. We are present in the main social media, where you can send us a direct message. If you prefer more direct contact, you can contact us call on WhatsApp or call one of our phone numbers available at the end of this page.

When you get in touch, let them know that you are interested in starting an immigration process. Our team will be ready to answer all your questions and guide you on the next steps. We look forward to helping you achieve your goal of immigrating!

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