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Immigration planning with D4U Immigration: your gateway to a life in another country

Who is the immigration consultancy for?

Immigration consultancy is an essential service for a wide range of people interested in moving to another country for personal or professional reasons

Immigration consultancy is especially useful for those unfamiliar with the complexities of immigration processes and need expert guidance to ensure a smooth transition to a new country.

How does immigration planning work?

Immigration planning is a detailed and carefully organized process. It begins with an in-depth assessment of the individual's personal and professional profile. 

 To fully understand the circumstances and conditions of each candidate, Immigration consultancy takes into account several factors, such as age, education, professional experience and fluency in English.

Based on this assessment, a customized immigration plan is designed, which includes choosing the right visa type and a strategy to maximize the chances of application approval.

How to get a US work visa?

Obtaining a US work visa is a process that requires time and patience. 

First, you need to find an employer in the United States who is willing to sponsor the visa. This employer must then apply for and obtain a labor certification from the US Department of Labor. 

Once certification is granted, the individual can apply for a work visa. However, having the assistance of a specialized immigration consultancy, such as that provided by D4U Immigration, can be a vital element during this process

Our experienced team is ready to guide you every step of the way, simplifying complex procedures and maximizing your chances of success. With D4U Immigration by your side, you'll have the support you need to efficiently navigate the immigration process.

US visas for immigration planning

There are different types of American dresses that can be used for immigration planning purposes. 

You tourist and student visas are ideal for temporary stays, while the work and investment visas allow a longer stay and even the possibility of permanent residence. However, the type of visa chosen will depend on individual objectives and the specific application situation. 

For example, investors can choose to EB-5 visa, which allows permanent residency in exchange for a significant investment. On the other hand, those who wish to change countries to work can choose the EB2-NIW visa and achieve the dreamed Green Card with the help of D4U's immigration planning.

EB2-NIW: how can it help you to live in the United States?

The EB2-NIW (National Interest Waiver) visa is an excellent choice for highly skilled individuals in their field of work who wish to reside in the United States

This visa allows individuals who are working in a field of national interest to waive the requirements of being offered a job by a sponsor and labor certification. 

This can be extremely beneficial for professionals who want to move to the United States without having to go through the time-consuming and often anxious process of finding a sponsoring employer. No doubt, the EB2-NIW represents an excellent path to achieving a Green Card.

Immigration planning procedure to live in Europe

The immigration planning procedure for living in Europe varies depending on the specific country, but usually involves obtaining a suitable visa, be it a work, study or residency visa, depending on the individual's goals

In addition, immigration consulting can provide valuable assistance in a number of other areas, such as job hunting, opening bank accounts, locating schools for children, among other aspects of moving to a new country. 

While the process can seem complex, with the right planning and guidance, the transition to living in Europe can be made much easier. Count on the help of D4U Immigration experts to help you!

How can D4U help?

If you want to live, invest or work in the United States or Europe, but still don't know where to start, D4U Immigration's immigration planning can be the first step to make your dream come true. With a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, we have already helped more than 7 thousand people to immigrate and we have an approval rate of 99% in the claims we follow.

The immigration process can be complex and intimidating for those who are new to the subject. That's why, our first mission is to understand your personal and professional history, based on which we will make an immigration plan suited to your profile. Together with you, we will evaluate the best visa options so that you can safely take the first step, both in terms of visa and timing.

During immigration planning, our professionals take into account several factors, such as your age, academic and professional background, work experience, level of fluency in English, among others. From that, we draw up a detailed profile that will be used as a basis for choosing the best strategy for your claim.

One of the main advantages of relying on D4U Immigration for immigration planning is our extensive expertise in different types of visas. From tourist, student, work, investment visas, to the much-desired green card, we are prepared to assist you in all stages of the process.

In case of investors, for example, we offer a complete consultancy to understand your financial and business goals. Based on that, we help you create a detailed business plan, capable of showing immigration authorities in the United States or Europe that you have a structured business capable of generating jobs and income.

Already for professionals who want to work in the United States or Europe, we offer advice on all aspects related to employment, such as preparing a resume, simulating interviews, among others. After all, the competition for job openings in the most developed countries in the world is quite fierce and you need to be well prepared to stand out.

With D4U Immigration's immigration planning, you can also count on our help to find the best school for your children, in addition to a series of services that can facilitate your adaptation in a new country, such as opening a bank account, searching for housing and others. Everything to make your transition as smooth and safe as possible.

Another differential of D4U Immigration is our commitment to transparency. From the beginning of the process, we make it clear what are the costs involved and what are the steps to be followed. Our goal is to ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision and that there are no unpleasant surprises along the way.

If you are thinking of moving to another country, count on D4U Immigration to help you in all stages of the process.. Contact us and schedule an initial consultation to find out how we can help you realize that dream.

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